Recruiting services

We can help you connect with top talent

From designers to publishers, we've worked with thousands of great people

We can help you find top visuals editors – photo editors, designers, art directors, graphic artists – and often have connections on other kinds of candidates.
– Bill Ostendorf, founder and president of Creative Circle

While we're not a recruiting or headhunting firm, Creative Circle has helped many of its clients find top candidates for key positions.

Because we participate in dozens of industry meetings and workshops each year and we've worked with more than 250 media companies worldwide, we meet a lot of CEOs, digital or audience leaders, editors and ad directors who might make excellent candidates for your top management positions. But we can also help you find quality candidates for entry level positions or mid-level openings through our network of contacts and associates.

While we never poach candidates from our clients, we do keep track of the top people we deal with at our hundreds of media clients and, once they leave our client, they become fair game! Because we've seen them in action and worked with their supervisors and subordinates, we know their track record firsthand.

Even if you want to do your own recruiting, we can help make sure you start the process right or serve as a final check on your process. We can help you craft your job description or ad to solicit the right candidates, or we can interview candidates for you or with you or provide a last screening before you make an offer. We promise to bring some good insights to the process.

Here are some of the types of openings we are best positioned to help you fill:

Reporters, photographers, designers, videographers, multi-media journalists: We know a lot of people in this category, from laid off and experienced people to new graduates eager to start their careers. Many of our consultants teach at leading journalism schools, and we're aware of a lot of top-quality first-time staffers in all these areas.

Editors, copy editors, managing editors, content or audience leadership: Content is one of our strongest areas and we often know of good people with these kinds of backgrounds.

CEOs and publishers: We don't always have a lot of candidates here but there is a good chance we are familiar with some of the people you are considering. They might be former clients or people we have seen or met multiple times at industry gatherings.

Revenue leadership, including ad directors and chief revenue officers: This is one of the most difficult and critical positions to fill, even for us. But sometimes we know of good people who are ready to move. Again, we might also have some interesting perspectives on people you might be considering. There is a good chance they worked for someone who was one of our clients or they have crossed paths with one of our associates.

This service is generally free to our current clients, who are often looking for the right people to execute our recommendations and programs, and discounted for previous clients.

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