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Here is just a sampling of what you would get with your upgrade:

  • We handle the stress of switching for you, from third-party integrations and ad serving to a great design and pulling in all your existing content. We'll make switching easy on you and your team.
  • A Creative Circle site is easier to run and just works better than your current site. That saves you money.
  • Your readers will love the site. Our designs will make your site more user-friendly than ever before. That will help drive all your metrics up: time on site, page view, click throughs. A lot.
  • Flexible displays for your content and advertising make your site more interesting and functional, opening up lots of new revenue options. That means you'll make more money.
  • Faster loading times help, too. Our sites will load as much as 3x faster than your current site.
  • Our built-in newsletter builder allows anyone to quickly build an e-blast. Like everything we do, we provide easy tools to let you make your newsletters more dynamic and flexible. Pull in classifieds, print and web ads, too!
  • Classified web entry and a variety of attractive, web-centric classified displays will re-energize your classifieds.
  • As the first media CMS to create user-contributed content tools, your new site will generate more user-contributed content.
  • We provide great tools for e-commerce, allowing you to sell classifieds, subscriptions, books, events and lots of other stuff.
  • We can include a powerful ad server with the ability to add or subtract ad positions easily. We set up your ads and zones for you.
  • We created the industry’s first, best and most flexible pay wall. It's hard to circumvent. It's easy to use. It lets you sell targeted subscriptions for things like high school sports or video, if you wish. 
  • We can bring all your print advertising online and enhance it with a wide range of upsells – integrating native content, web links, SEO, menus, brochures, email links, classifies and more. 
  • We provide multiple ways to handle paid and native content. Again, we were the first media CMS vendor to build a native platform. We have lots of ways to go native and new ideas on how to expand it.
  • Our software is unique and created exclusively in the USA. It's proven, stable, modern and is constantly being improved and refined.
  • We provide free upgrades so your site is always up-to-date. New features are added every month.
  • We provide unlimited, free, live, web-based training.
  • We provide better, deeper support and consulting advice.

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