Meet the team
At Creative Circle, we have a core team of staffers and consultants who have worked on many of our projects, and then a broad group of contractors and freelances who are experts in specific areas – from type design and photo coaches to server configuration and SEO – who we can call in for specific tasks. The folks below are members of our core team.
Bill Ostendorf
Bill Ostendorf is president and founder of Creative Circle Media Consulting, a network of talent he has been building for more than 20 … Read More
Sean Finch
Sean leads the sales efforts for our software products and is involved in product development and sales of our other services – from … Read More
Lynn Rognsvoog
Lynn Rognsvoog has worked in the newspaper and magazine publishing industry for more than 30 years, and has experience in print and … Read More
Tim Benson
Tim is a tech guy specializing print media. Active in the industry since 1999, he is a jack of all trades with an equal footing in … Read More
Denise Bass
Denise handles a wide range of projects, from producing print products to designing web sites. She does some programming and web site … Read More
Darryl Greenlee
A native Rhode Islander, Darryl has always been pulled between his creative and analytical sides. He attended the University of Rhode … Read More
Adam Crownoble
Adam is leading the charge of developing our newsroomQ platform, which is built in Ruby on Rails. Adam is a veteran, full-stack … Read More
Carolyn Flynn
Carolyn Flynn is a journalist, media consultant, newspaper designer and author of literary fiction and nonfiction based in Rio Rancho, … Read More
Kevin Dilley
Kevin Dilley, who lives near Kent, Ohio, is a 20+-year newspaper veteran with varied writing, design, editing, photojournalism, … Read More
Curt Chandler
Curt is a senior lecturer in the College of Communications at Penn State University where he teaches multimedia reporting. He … Read More
Ellen J. Meany
Ellen J. Meany is the creative director for Isthmus — Madison, Wisconsin’s alternative weekly newspaper — where she oversees art … Read More
Jennifer Boucher Albers
Jennifer Boucher Albers, a native New Englander, has been working in the newspaper industry for 16 years. In that time she has held … Read More
Deborah Withey
Deborah is Deputy Managing Editor/Presentation of the The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Virginia. Before joining the Pilot in June … Read More
Kristen Powell
Kristen Powell has more than 16 years of newspaper experience as an editor, designer and art director. She brings a reader-focused … Read More
On Feline Fridays, Charlotte - the Ostendorf's kitten – joins our team. She tries to be helpful, cleaning off our desks by … Read More

Finally! A complete editorial system that works!

For a long time, people asked us which editorial system we would recommend. It was a tough question. We are very familiar with most of the industry's options, and they all have fatal flaws. The …

Best of print, best of web: Herald-Citizen web site launches with mediasiteQ and paywallQ

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The Herald-Citizen new website in Cookeville, Tennessee, went live recently with a Creative Circle Media Solutions redesign that brings together the best of the newspaper and the best of web.

Daily Journal redesign an investment in what matters – Kankakee, Illinois

Readers in Kankakee, Illinois, got a message loud and clear this week as the Daily Journal launched a redesigned newspaper that CEO and president Len Robert Small describes as an investment in both …