Advertising training


Advertising workshops that can generate more revenue now

The problem

Are you losing advertisers because their ads just aren’t working for them?

Too many newspapers are.

Many papers have failed to fully understand the needs of advertisers and readers and how to create more effective ads.

Many print and web ads just don’t work. They don’t generate clicks or calls or sales.

Sadly many sales reps and artists don’t understand how to sell good design and concepts. They need training on how to grow ad readership and response through better design and content.

The solution

Creative Circle can provide customized, interactive workshops that will help your team create ads that are more effective and consistent.

This is a chance to bring your sales staff, artists and production folk together to do a better job for your advertisers. Oh, and your advertisers can participate, too.

Our workshops are energizing and fun and will get everyone thinking and talking. They are customized and will use examples of your ads throughout.

These workshops will improve communication between reps and artists and emphasize improving response rates for advertisers, who will in turn purchase larger ads for longer schedules.

We’ll cover topics like how people read, clarifying each advertiser’s “niche” and creating an “irresistible offer” as the centerpiece of every ad. We’ll also cover headline writing and effective use of visuals and color.

The result will be ads that work better and advertisers who are more willing to spend on advertising because they see results!