NativeNewsQ: Paid content platform

Showcase, search engine optimize &monetize local business news


Three ways to cash in on native that offer SEO, self-service, a local focus and time savings, too!

As the first vendor to offer a native platform, we’ve also taken it further than anyone else. We don’t just help you make new revenue, we save time in the newsroom and provide great SEO for local businesses, adding big value to native.

  • We help you get started and sustain native with three native plays and easy self-service tools.
  • Your site is one of the highest-ranked URLs in your market. By tying into your URL, we can typically help you deliver better SEO for your SMBs than LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, Facebook,Yelp and just about everything else!
  • Place sponsored content anywhere on your site and/or on a separate, branded business site!
  • Results for users are immediate, effective and measurable.
  • Completely whitelabel. You market your brand, not ours.
    We provide a stand-alone, sophisticated CMS and widgets that work with any website.
  • NativeNewsQ is a lead-generating engine, too! Itwill connect you with hundreds of new potential advertisers to whom you can sell other services. And it instantly creates a niche business site.
  • Our self-service press release and calendar portals deliver added native dollars and provide time-saving advantages for your newsroom.
  • Our paid calendar module creates featured items displayed in widgets and at the top of multiple attractive calendar displays that we provide.
  • We can provide native content writing services, too.

Benefits for the newsroom, too! Calendar and press release portals that save time, money!

In a world with fewer reporters and support personnel, newsrooms need to get leads and information from other sources faster and more efficiently.

Press releases and calendar items currently arrive in newsrooms via fax, mail and e.mail. Some items have to be keyboarded.

Submissions either go to multiple reporters, risking duplicate coverage, or never get to the right people, resulting in missed coverage or photo opportunities. And it's difficult to get to supporting materials, such as company logos and photos. The process used now is haphazard at best.

NativeNewsQ includes an easy-to-use portal for all press releases and calendar items submitted to the paper. It was designed by experienced newsroom editors to bring this chaos under control.

Reporters and assigning editors can access a submission from any web-enabled device, mark items as read, e-mail the person who submitted an item with questions, forward submissions via e-mail and download photos and logos.

And we archive it all in a searchable data-base for future reference. Why throw all that news away?

SIMPLIFY press release and calendar submissions through a digital portal into a centralized database.

GET IT ALL –get more information faster, including text, PDFs, documents, company logos, photos and video– all available to use in print or online.

SORT IT by category, date, company, key word, comments, viewed, rating, covered vs not covered, most read and more.

PRIORITIZE submissions from anywhere. Comment, rate, indicate coverage plans See quickly who has seen what; who's covering what.

PUBLISH  all native content instantly via a news ticker widget, or download it for use in print or elsewhere online.

ARCHIVE it all into a rich, searchable database instead of throwing away thousands of news items each month

MONETIZE because every item submitted has the option to be converted to paid, native content!

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