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We got into the software business in 2004 because we felt the web software our consulting clients were dealing with was complex, limiting and inflexible. We knew newspapers needed better solutions to survive and thrive.

Our goals were straightforward:
• Create software that is non-technical and easy-to-use. Take the mystique away from running a web site.
• Create a web CMS that is flexible and can easily reflect the news. Make web news display as flexible as print design.
• Bring relevant print design concepts like story packaging and relationships to the web.
• Build powerful self-service and user-contribution platforms because interactivity is critical.
• Provide for an easy flow of content between print and digital workflows.
• Make mobile and video native and easy.
• Develop solutions no one else is providing. Find new answers.
• Make excellence affordable.

We think you will love what we’ve done. Let us show you the future of the web.

Switching to Creative Circle is a big win


• Four native news options.
• Classified, directory and marketplace platforms.
• Flexible, powerful pay wall.
• e-commerce capability.
• Self-service web display ads.
• Powerful open source ad server.


• Built for real, changing news content and better engagement.
• Responsive design.
• Native video integration.
• Far better packaging of content.
• Custom designs by top-level designers.
• Multiple story formats and alternative story forms.
• Photo galleries and slide shows.
• User-contributed content.
• Self-service scoreboard module.
• Interactive calendars with multiple formats.
• PDF e-edition viewer.


• Better, more inclusive support.
• Newer code and concepts.
• Aggressive new development.
• Free software upgrades.
• Unlimited training.
• Equal or lower cost. No hidden fees or charges.


• Non-technical technology. Easier to learn and run.
• More open and accessible code and templates.
• Integration with any system or workflow.
• Reverse publishing.
• Dramatically more flexible. You can design and build landing pages in minutes.
• Control over navigation and categories.

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