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We can bring a wide range of resources to bear to help any size newspaper thrive


We are the only company that can help you grow your readership, revenue and audience in print and online.

We can provide dynamic web sites, truly new revenue streams, print redesigns that re-engage readers, cost-effective print production software, energizing editorial and advertising training, intelligent management consulting and high quality outsourcing services for our newspaper partners.

Web sites

Our web CMS is the most flexible and dynamic platform in the industry.  You can emphasize different stories and visuals, package ads with editorial content, add or subtract ad positions and create new landing pages with just a few mouse clicks.

Our platform handles all kinds of content with ease and allows you to make each story look different, choosing appropriate layouts and packaging of sidebars, graphics, maps and breakouts.

As a leading design firm, we can also provide an attractive and unique reader-centric web site design just for you.

Our software is easy to learn and use and we can provide for all of your digital IT needs. Upgrades a frequent and free and we provide unlimited, live training.


We've led more than 600 print redesigns for newspapers of all sizes.

Our redesigns go well beyond changing fonts and colors. They typically  involve rebranding, create more efficient workflows and  shift everything to a more user-centric orientation. With fewer stories in the paper, we will give your newsroom a new focus on creating content that gets read. Interesting is no longer optional. We also often get involved in staffing, technology and planning changes. Our goal in any redesign is to upgrade the quality and relevance of content and improve usability for readers while breaking down any barriers to success for the staff.

A weekly redesign typically takes from three to nine months while a daily project can take six to 12 months. Why so long? We can redesign a newspaper in a few weeks, but the key is making sure it's the right design for your market and that your staff can execute the plan. A redesign without re-energized content and other product improvements is like painting a wall without doing the proper preparation. It won't last. It won't solve any problems.

We do lots of prototyping and involve the staff and management team very deeply throughout the process. Rather than presenting a finished concept, we do the redesign in phases and gather feedback and get direction at each stage. We want this to feel like your redesign, not one outsiders imposed by outsiders.

We also provide in-depth staff training on whatever topics you need to execute the redesign.

Readers love our redesigns. We always increase readership and reader satisfaction and we are often able to increase circulation, lower churn and increase engagement.

New revenue streams

We can help you build your print and digital revenues with classified, marketplace, directory and paid content platforms. We can also provide training for your ad staff and high-end agency services. We can grow your classified revenue again with a classified redesign and our strategies for targeted text ads in hundreds of new classified-like categories.

Creative outsourcing

We can provide high-level design and production services for special sections, niche products and magazines. We can produce whole publications, launch new products or fill in when a critical person on your team is not available. We can help you upgrade your house ads and marketing. And we can serve as your ad agency, creating ads that work for your best advertisers.

Print production CMS

If you don't have a print production platform yet, we can finally offer you something that's easy to use and affordable. And if you do have a legacy print production system, our platform will allow you to modernize your workflow and save money.

newsroomQ will help you keep track of content during the production process, automate the posting of content to your web site, apps and other digital outlets and provide an archive of all your content.

It works with all recent versions of Quark or InDesign and can accommodate workflows based on Goggle Docs, Word, InCopy or CopyDesk. It's stable and easy to learn.

Consulting services

We can help you find new markets, launch new products, evaluate your rates, improve your workflow, evaluate technology or vendors, evaluate your staffing and more. Let us take a look at your marketing, your products or you operations and we'll help you find ways to save money or time or grow readership or revenue. That's what we do.

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