Works with Quark or InDesign

Finally! A complete editorial system that works!

We don't know many publications that love their front end editorial system. But now we can offer a straight-forward solution that will save you time and money.


For a long time, people asked us which editorial system we would recommend. It was a tough question. We are very familiar with most of the industry's options, and they all have fatal flaws.

The legacy front end system vendors were typically terrible online, especially when it came to design and user interfaces. The web companies that offer "full CMS" products are really print "lite" systems.
We even know several clients who are suing their front end system vendors for misrepresenting their all-in-one "cloud" technology.

We approached several legacy print CMS vendors about partnering. "You're good at print, we're good at web," we told them. "Let's combine forces and finally give the industry a combined product that is really good at both print and digital."

The answer was always "No!" Every vendor thought it was in their best interests to do it all.

In 2016, a few of our clients called and begged us to build a print production CMS. Most had older MediaSpan systems that locked them into old Quark or InDesign versions (and sometimes old Macs and browsers). Another wanted our web platform but needed a replacement for their Town News Blox CMS. Both companies were raising their rates without delivering better products.

We decided we needed to help. We set out to build a different kind of CMS – something lighter and less expensive that would be stable and easy to learn.

We call it newsroomQ.

How does newsroomQ work? Instead of trying to manage or manipulate Quark or InDesign, newsroomQ integrates seamlessly with those proven platforms and workflows, supplementing them with all the critical features those systems don’t do well — integrating with third party systems, adding meta data and additional photos, video or files for the web, tracking production workflows and keeping a log of changes and updates.

It’s web-first oriented, allowing you to reverse publish user-contributed content or publish staff content to the web at any point in the production process.

With Creative Circle, upgrades are free and we even provide consulting support and unlimited training. No extra charge.

The result is affordable, quick to deploy, innovative and effective. Yup, a front end system that really doesn't stink.

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