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Our customized, easy to run web sites are perfect for business


We're rapidly expanding to serve more businesses with our custom web sites, custom programming, creative outsourcing, branding and consulting services.

It turns out that many of the highly specialized tools we created to drive media web sites are ideal for businesses. QuickAds, designed as a self-service advertising platform, for example, is a great way to showcase franchisees or distributors on a business site. And our pay wall is a great way to create specialized portals that allow customers or partners to access membership or other special areas of your site.

Our easy-to-use software, free upgrades, unlimited training and dynamic web layout controls are also ideal for your business needs. We can put you in control of your web site and provide for all of you digital IT needs. Our software allows anyone to run your site, not just a geek. There is nothing techical about it.

Our newsletter platform is a great way to stay in touch with clients.

Our e-commerce tools and knowledge are first rate. And we can provide custom programming to do things with software just for you.

We can help assure your web site is an asset, not a drag on your resources.

As former journalists, we can also help with content – writing, editing, photo research or video editing. (And if you are near Providence, we can also supply photographers and videographers.)

And because we teach ad design, marketing and content workshops around the world, we're an ideal partner for your advertising and marketing needs.

Want to publish a book or magazine about your business? You can't find a better resource than Creative Circle's team of expert editors and designers to make your goal a reality.

Several businesses have found we can deliver high end technology and design services at prices far below those of other vendors.

Contact us today to share your story and learn how we can help you thrive!

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