QuickAds & classifieds

Self-service ad engine for small businesses


Capture new, self-service revenue from your community!

QuickAds can also upgrade all of your print display ads and classifieds online

Selling simple, self-service text display ads will soon be to web sites what classifieds were to newspapers in their glory days.

Google made $8.6 billion last year selling its AdSense ads. Facebook made $1 billion with their version. AOL has a version. Now LinkedIn has joined the party. And they are all targeting your local businesses.

This form of advertising is already huge, but it will explode next year. So far, local media have been relegated to the sidelines, except to run Google ads on their sites and send Google more cash.

We examined what these national portals were doing, identified their weaknesses and built QuickAds to leverage strengths of local media sites.

QuickAds target the vast majority of your potential advertisers who are too small or unsophisticated to buy web or print display ads. The concept is easy to understand and can have a very low price point.

QuickAds are extremely flexible – they can run in almost any shape and can link to a web site or to a page users create on your site. It's fast and easy to create an ad. The ads can feature coupons, PDFs, menus or brochures, along with multiple photos and text.

The system is all self-service, self-selling and pre-paid. It's easy for you to set up and run. You can react to new ideas and categories in seconds.

It's also a great tool for microzoned advertising, niche content and for creating temporary ads around an event, like a trade show or play-off game. The possibilities are endless!

We’ve also built QuickAds to re-purpose all your print advertising online with upgradable features like maps, email links and specialized popups.

Act now to capture and hold your local small business market! If you don't, Google, Facebook or LinkedIn will.

QuickAds gives you dozens of new ways to make money online!

Lots of ad formats

You can run QuickAds anywhere on your site with a variety of IAB and custom sizes, from wide towers to several formats for a 300x250 cube.

Full page display options

QuickAds aren't limited to IAB blocks.
Custom, full-page display packages can feature all the QuickAds in a category wrapped around a map (as shown at right) or a photo or a free-form HTML block.

Other centerpiece options: a video, a sponsor’s ad or a rotating “featured” QuickAd (below).

Great popup options

In addition to linking to a web site, like the national portals do, QuickAds can link to a growing number of popups. We have coupon, real estate, PDF (for menus, brochures or print ads) and photo gallery popups deployed and will soon add contest (below), video (left) and audio popups.

Re-energize your print ads & classifieds online

QuickAds is a feature-rich, web-centric classified web entry system that’s easy to set up and run. And QuickAds can be reverse published, powering new kinds of specialized classified categories that were never possible before. Our “targeted text ads” concept is a great way to keep your advertisers away from Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We can also showcase all your print display ads online and provide a wide range upsell options that will drive new revenue.

Like any great new revenue idea, QuickAds are simple, flexible and powerful.

No site can be without a well-designed, self-service, text display ad platform like QuickAds. This style of advertising could fuel significant growth in your online revenue next year.


On the web, simple sells.

  • Easy-to-use, self-service platform also provides lots of tips.
  • Ads link to the advertiser's web site or a popup page they can create themselves.
  • You can set up new categories or sizes in seconds.
  • Ads are paid for by credit card with an auto-renewal option.
  • Flat rate pricing that is easy to understand.


These ads will sell.

  • Ads can target categories, locations or even individual stories.
  • Popup pages can feature extended text, PDFs and multiple photos in an attractive display.
  • Ads can run in common IAB
    formats or you can create a whole page of targeted ads.
  • If you sell more ads than fit in your block, the ads rotate randomly.
  • Provides metrics for every ad – clicks and impressions.
  • Advertisers can change or update their ads anytime.


  • Create targeted blocks of ads around niche content, like travel, food, sports, health or business.
  • Create ad pages for things like “lunch deals of the day,” “car repair showcase” or an online craft fair.
  • Offer a page of coupon deals from local merchants.
  • Feature temporary ads centered on an event like a holiday, trade show or fundraiser.
  • Create microzoned ad environments for a specific town, mall or subway stop.
  • After a natural disaster, host a marketplace of services to help people recover – contractors, carpet cleaners, painters, etc.
  • Create new, targeted classified categories on the fly, take in ads via QuickAds and use our new reverse publishing capability to run them in print.



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