Software solutions you can count on
Software overview
Tired of vendors who overcharge and under perform? Partner with a software company committed to innovation, flexibility and support!
Web CMS: mediasiteQ
We've created the most flexible and easy-to-use CMS platforms anywhere. It's content-centric, user-friendly and fully customizable.
Print CMS: newsroomQ
Finally! An editorial production system that's easy and efficient to use, stable and works with any recent version of InDesign or …
The industry's first pay wall is also the best! More flexible and gives you more control than any other platform. Handles hard …
Premium Pages
We deliver 22 web pages of popular, high quality features that readers will love and that offer dozens of opportunities to monetize …
NativeNewsQ: Paid content platform
The industry's first native content platform is also the most effective, delivering both SEO and adjacencies. It even helps you manage …
QuickAds & classifieds
This is one of the most innovative and flexible new revenue platform in media. Self-service text ads are the fastest growing ad type …
A complete classifieds solution
Partnering with Mirabel Technologies, we created a modern, web-centric classified solution for web order entry, call centers, billing …
Design, strategy, training & ad sales help
Company overview
We've got a 30-year track record of helping media companies thrive! We deliver success! Learn about our approach and philosophy.
Daily print redesigns
Our redesigns of print products improve your content for everything you do and we can still grow print audience and revenue.
Creative outsourcing
Need help making your content, marketing or advertising as good as it can be? We can help!
Newsroom training
With all the cutbacks in the past decade, it's time to invest in the people we have left. Our training changes newsroom culture, …
Advertising training
We can help improve your ad content and design, leading dynamic workshops for both your staff and your advertisers.
Niche & new products
We know how to make more money with specialized print products and how to make them attractive to new readers.
Weekly redesigns
We've helped hundreds of weekly papers grow through better content and design.
Digital ad sales blitzes
We can substantially jump your web revenues with a targeted sales blitz led by our VP/sales, Sean Finch. If you have wasted inventory, …