How we help magazine publishers

We can bring a wide range of resources to bear to help you thrive


We can provide web sites, new revenue streams, print redesigns, print production software, editorial training, advertising training, management consulting and quality outsourcing services for our magazine clients.

Web sites

Our web CMS is the most flexible and dynamic platform in the industry.  You can emphasize different stories and visuals, package ads with editorial content, add or subtract ad positions and create new landing pages with just a few mouse clicks.

Our platform handles magazine-length stories with ease and allows you to make each story look different, choosing appropriate packaging of sidebars, graphics, maps and breakouts.

As a leading design firm, we can also provide an attractive and unique design for you.

Our software is easy to learn and use and we can provide for all of your digital IT needs.


We've led more than 80 magazine redesigns, mostly for regional and city magazines but also travel guides, niche magazines and association publications.

Our redesigns typically involve rebranding, new typography and colors, rebooking and also content changes. We often get involved in staffing, technology and workflow changes as well. Our goal in any redesign is to upgrade the content and usability for readers and also break down any barriers to success for the staff.

A magazine redesign typically takes from three to nine months. We do lots of prototyping and involve the staff and management team very deeply throughout the process. Rather than presenting a finished concept, we do the redesign in phases and gather feedback and get direction at each stage. We want this to feel like your redesign, not one outsiders imposed by outsiders.

We also provide in-depth staff training on whatever topics you need to execute the redesign.

Readers love our redesigns we are often able to increase circulation, lower churn and increase engagement.

New revenue streams

We can help you build your print and digital revenues with classified, marketplace, directory and paid content platforms. We can also provide training for your ad staff and high-end agency services.

Creative outsourcing

We can provide high-level design and production services for special issues, to help you when you have a critical opening or need vacation relief or we can become your art director on a permenant basis. We've produce several monthly or quarterly publications in our East Providence office.

Print production CMS

If you don't have a print production platform yet, we can finally offer you something that's easy to use and affordable. And if you do have a legacy print production system, our platform will allow you to modernize your workflow and will likely save you money as well.

newsroomQ will help you keep track of content during the production process, automate the posting of content to your web site, apps and other digital outlets and provide an archive of all your content.

Consulting services

We can help you find new markets, launch new products, evaluate your rates, improve your workflow, evaluate technology and more. 

Contact us today to learn more and tell us how we can help you grow!

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