Print CMS: newsroomQ

Multi-platform publishing with ease and stability


Cut high print production costs with a better, modern workflow

Dump your complex, buggy, legacy print system today!

Now there is a real alternative for all your editorial system needs, so you can finally kiss those bloated, legacy print production systems goodbye!

newsroomQ is so flexible, it can work with any recent version of Quark or InDesign. It can be configured to operate in the cloud or on a local server. Or both.

How does newsroomQ work? Instead of trying to manage or manipulate Quark or InDesign, newsroomQ integrates seamlessly with those proven platforms and workflows, supplementing them with all the critical features those systems don’t do well — integrating with third party systems, adding meta data and additional photos, video or files for the web, tracking production workflows and keeping a log of changes and updates.

It’s web-first oriented, allowing you to reverse publish user-contributed content or publish staff content to the web at any point in the production process.

With Creative Circle, upgrades are free and we even provide consulting support and unlimited training. No extra charge.

Among its many features are a deep and rich image and content archive, a photo assignment module and wire service feed management.

newsroomQ is stable, proven, easy to learn and efficient to run. That means you will save time and money every time you use it.

Add our web platforms and you’ll get full automation and the best web sites in the industry. As top software innovators, we were the first to create user-contributed content, reverse publishing, pay walls, flexible templates, native content and more.

Easy to use and cost-effective, our editorial solutions will position you to get the most of your editorial content: Dynamic. Engaging. Sticky. User friendly.

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