Creative outsourcing

We have a different take on outsourcing!


There are two kinds of outsourcing.

One is about saving money. You send your editing or design functions overseas or to some mass production facility.

That's not us.

What we do is provide that needed upside when you have something special or new that you really need to get right and make an impression.

That's us.

We understand one of the newest problems in the media: Staffing is so thin now that it's hard to ever create or produce a premiere level product. We believe we can play an important and productive role that no one else is offering – giving you back the ability to turn to a top designer, an experienced editor, a great photo editor or a graphic artist – all those important roles that become part of the cutbacks in the latest economic downturn.

Our consultants, contractors and contacts are among the best designers, graphic artists and editors in the industry. And you can hire us for regular production and design work or for a special or temporary need. Bingo! Access again to top talent that can be applied in a targeted way.

We're the perfect outsourcing solution if:
     • You have a top-notch special project, series, book, report or section that you want to make the best it can be.
     • You are launching a new product and need a first issue produced that your existing staff just doesn't have the resources or talent to pull off. We can produce a new product so you can test the market before you hire permanent staffing.
     • You've lost a key design, production or management person, and you need help NOW until you can find a replacement.
     • You have created a niche product that is successful, and you need an upgrade to keep momentum going.
     • You're covering something big and need an influx of talent for a short burst, like a series, a major sporting event or convention or music event or even a tragedy you have to cover in your town.
     • You have a big advertiser who wants a special ad campaign or an agency level rethinking of their brand or message.
     • You are a smaller publication or web site, and you need vacation relief so your staff of one or two can actually take a vacation!
     • You have a talented young designer, editor or visual journalist who needs some high-level coaching, feedback and advice to keep that person engaged and growing.

That's Creative outsourcing. That's what we do.

If you think that kind of help can put you in a better position to win, let's talk!