Niche & new products


Niche publications are our speciality

We know how to zero in on a niche audience.

Niche publishing is critical to growing your market reach and we know how to deliver these targeted audiences. We've helped create, reposition or improve dozens of specialized publications.

Creative Circle is a unique media design firm with a very practical focus. We draw on the talent of dozens of top working media professionals. Each project involves a team selected to match your needs. And we keep you involved in every step of the process.

If you have an existing publication, our redesign, training and consulting can help you grow and get better.

Launching a new product? It's great to have a seasoned team to make sure your investment is a success. Our team members have helped redesign hundreds of

newspapers, magazines and Web sites and led hundreds of industry seminars.

We can even help design, edit or produce your early issues until you test the market or hire your staff.