Creative helps Cayman publisher put together souvenir Olympics magazine

Long-time client needed something done quickly with high quality, so she called on Creative Circle . . . again


Lisa Beauchamp, general manager for Global Directories in the Caribbean, was very familiar with Creative Circle. So when a new product opportunity arose for her publishing company, which owns the telephone directory for the Cayman Islands, she knew who to call.

"In the summer of 2016, the Cayman Islands sent a team of four athletes to compete in the prestigious Olympic games in Brazil," she said. "This provided me with the perfect opportunity to publish a magazine to promote and support the Cayman Islands team and the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee members, showcasing past Olympians and guiding the community about where to watch the Olympic Games. Who better to assist me in the layout and design of the souvenir magazine than the incredibly talented team at Creative Circle Media?"

Lisa was the GM at the Burmuda Sun when Creative Circle had redesigned the paper there. We also helped that team with a switch from Quark to InDesign and to design a new web site. The Sun also acquired several tourism-related businesses and we rebranded those companies, helped unify and redesign their products and then produce Bermuda Guide, a monthly tourism magazine, for several years.

"It’s always a highly interactive and mutually respectful experience working with the Creative Circle team," said Lisa. "After one briefing call, Bill and Lynn immediately understood the concept and my needs, and those of the Olympic Committee’s needs. The magazine needed to be vibrant, eye catching, heavy on photos, patriotic to the Cayman Islands and must inspire the reader to keep it as a souvenir."

Because we'd worked with Lisa on previous projects, both the process of producing this magazine and all the communications around it went smoothly. She provided an estimated page count, rough page dummy and all content, and we designed the overall look and laid the pictures and copy in.

"As is often the case, the largest challenge in this project was time," said Lynn Rognsvoog, Creative Circle's lead designer. "On the one hand was a very tight print deadline, because we needed to get the books printed and distributed before the Olympics actually began. On the other hand, the list of participating athletes wasn't confirmed until just before the ship date, and the 5k run/walk also happened late in the cycle."

The ability to adjust to critical changes late in the process was made possible with some careful planning. Our experienced team knew what would be needed and how to make sure the easy things were out of the way and we could react to essentially breaking news right before deadline.

"Lynn supplied me with a detailed overview of the project, a list of deliverables and a guideline for submitting the written content and photos," said Lisa. "As ever, Lynn was incredibly patient with me and created multiple proofs in total."

"Lisa and her staff prepared the standing features early (i.e., the stories about previous attendees and Olympic pins, lists of where to watch the games), so we could get those pages done and approved early," said Lynn. "They wrote stories and provided art for athletes that seemed likely to be chosen, and we did preliminary layouts. When the final list of team members was confirmed by the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee, we were able to make some minor adjustments to the pages and meet our press deadline."

"The front cover caught the attention of the local community, and we soon ran out of copies," said Lisa. "Creative Circle allowed us to jump on an unforseen opportunity to add some extra revenue and to produce a high qaulity product that enhanced our relationships with our advertisers and the community."

Unfortunately, none of the Caymen Islands atheletes medaled during the competitions in Brazil.

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