Software developer/Designer

Darryl Greenlee


Darryl is one of our leading software developers and also a top-notch problem solver.

A native Rhode Islander, Darryl has always been pulled between his creative and analytical sides. He attended the University of Rhode Island intending to graduate with a degree in chemical engineering. However, college had other plans for him.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts – majoring in studio art with minors in art history and chemical engineering – Darryl began his career in 1995, for then print-based Auto Trader Magazines as a graphic artist. From there he entered the world of newspapers as the Production Manager for The Jamestown Press.

During his time at The Jamestown Press, Darryl began to recognize the importance of websites for the communications industry and began learning to code web pages. He took those skills to the next level at Providence Business News, where he met Bill Ostendorf, Tim Benson and Lynn Rognsvoog who were all consulting for PBN at that time. Creative Circle redesigned PBN. Twice.

After working with the company as a client, Darryl wanted to join the Creative Circle team, which he did in 2017. "It's an incredibly collaborative environment. One in which the team bounces ideas off each other and work well together. But it's also one where our clients help us push to become more innovative. Each day brings a new challenge. Solving their real-world needs and concerns are what make coming to work enjoyable," he said.

Darryl brings more than 20 years of print-production and graphic-design experience to Creative Circle, along with his programming skills and a unique perspective having been on the client side of the table. In return, Creative Circle feeds both his creative and analytical sides. But when not diving into new coding projects, programming languages, applications, designs or redesigns, Darryl can usually be found exercising his chemical engineering skills at his Warwick home, brewing beer or mead.

He also runs a beer-review website:

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