What our clients are saying

Debi Pittman Wilkey

Editor, Town Journal


Your new design provides a format that not only makes the Town Journal more attractive, but easier to navigate . . . and the community loves it! We are still a work in progress, but you've given us a new direction — and we now have the tools to make us one of the best weekly community newspapers in the region.

Creative Circle led a redesign of more than 40 weeklies owned by North Jersey Media Group to facilitate centralized production while retaining each paper's unique look.

We used the same colors and type fonts, but used them in different ways so readers would see each newspaper as different. But when you looked at the group as a whole, the common colors and fonts made them look and feel like a family of papers, which is how we wanted advertisers to see the group. Our work for the group won an international rebranding award.

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