How to generate more revenue through Premium Pages


There are lots of ways to make money with Premium Pages. Even if you do nothing, you'll get more content and upgrade your SEO. Your run of site ads will get more exposure because every time a premium page story is read, it will add impressions to your right rail and all the ads and content there. But there are so many other wasy Premium Pages can help you grow revenue.

Remember, while Premium Pages come to you as complete, attractive digital features pages but they can also be localized and expanded. You can add anything to these pages. They can beef up existing pages of local news or supplement coverage you already have.

Get started on branded content

Our main goal financially with Premium Pages, was to help our clients break into branded content. Launching a branded content effort is hard. Sales reps often don't understand it or how to sell it. Clients don't get it, either.

That's why Premium Pages are laced with excellent examples of quality branded content from providers like Brandpoint, NewsUSA and Family Features. Their stories aren't about the advertiser. They are reader-centric stories that mention or feature an advertiser.

It's a great vehicle for helping ad reps and advertisers what branded content looks like. 

The other problem with initiating branded content – especially in a smaller market – is that you won't have much of it. If you only have a handful of branded content stories, where do you put them where they won't look out of place? Premium Page are the perfect home for local branded content. Even one or two stories work just fine and when played at the top of our pages looks great.

Branded content typically commands much higher prices than display advertising, which is why it is worth investing in the resources to make it happen. A branded campaign of 1-4 articles per month can command $1,500 to $7,500 or more per month. Selling just six companies on a branded content campaign might gerate $2,500 per month or $180,000 per year.

Not ready for sponsored content? If you have "Experts" advertorial content, plug that content onto appropriate Premium Pages to give them a higher profile.  Or, if you have a services or business directory, plug those listings onto a related Premium Page.

Sell sponsorships

You could charge anywhere from $100 to $750 per month to sponsor a premium page. Ideally, you sign up a sponsor on a 1-year contract. 

At $500/month, if you sold a sponsor on each of our 22 pages, that would generate $132,000. But even selling a dozen pages at $200/month would generate $28,800.

A sponsorship could involve virtually any size ad, but we'd recommend something like a full width horizontal ad at the top, perhaps 1170 pixels wide by 250 or 340 pixels deep. But you could also use a leaderboard, or if you are adding local content to the page, just about any size.

Typically, a sponsor would be the only advertisers on the page, but you could have a primary sponsor and one or more secondary ones. A secondary sponsor might be lower on the page and a smaller ad size.

Pack Premium Pages with web display ads

You can add blocks of run of site advertising. Or use them to get more impressions for your programmatic advertising. 

Create niche newsletters with Premium Page content

Topics like food, kids, travel, home improvement, outdoors, business and pets are just a few of the niche newsletters you can fuel with this content. It's hard to sustain a local niche newsletter but with lots of bonus content to call from, you can create a niche product with just one local story per week. Find a sponsor and create a community around that niche content!

Enhance your print special sections

Doing a special section on home improvement? Post the PDF on our home improvement page. Add the stories and/or the print display ads and give that special section new life online. 

Use this content to boost subscription sales

Premium Pages adds more than 1,200 current features stories to your web site. This content can help you sell subscriptions if you promote and highlight these pages. Alternatively, you can keep Premium Content free by placing this category in front of your paywall and enhace your traffic from non-subscribers without releasing more local content.

We're here to help

We can help you execute any of the above and we're here to help you think through all your options to grow you revenue with Premium Pages.