How to get the most out of Premium Page content


We engineered Premium Pages to engage readers and drive readership.

Our topics are reader-centric and relevant. The initial group of pages we developed was driven by national research we led during the pandemic that showed readers wanted more information on how their lives were changing. They were home with their families and working and going to school at home.

Food, health, pets, gardening, money, seniors, education, careers and home improvement were all driven by how readers lives were changing.

We now offer 22 attractive, dynamic topic-driven pages featuring 1,200 feature stories. Fresh stories are added every day and page layouts change frequently, too. In addition to stories, most pages also feature videos and some include podcasts as well.

The content is a mix of editorial and high-quality branded content. Our growing list of content providers now includes and The Conversation and we will be adding more content providers every month going forward.

Stacker draws much of its content from government databases and is particularly adept at creating lists that compare cities, counties and states. The Conversation draws its content from major academic research institutions and strives to make academic research accessible and understood through journalistic writing.

You can use Premium Page content elsewhere on your web sites or in print and newsletters. That means Stacker or Conversation stories, which is often off the news or regionalized, can be used on page one or your home page, too. And the stories are interesting. Recent stories included:
• How do fish, whales and sharks sleep?
• States with the most residents with student loans
• Why do mosquitoes bite some people much more than others?
• What were the top 100 movies of all time?
• What big events happened during Queen Elizabeth's reign?
• Farm equipment now weighs as much as dinosaurs. Why that's a problem.
• Which counties have the most potholes?
• The 4 types of learners – and how to know which you are

Premium Pages can help bulk up your local coverage of these topics. While these pages come to you as complete and attractive web pages, you can add your own content and advertising above, below or in between the layers we provide. Add your food or business coverage to the top of our pages and it suddenly looks like you're providing a lot of content. Here are food and health examples.

Creating niche newsletters for foodies, moms, travel, gardening, books or business can be difficult locally, but with a steady flow of content from Premium Pages and even occasional local stories, it can work. You could even create a weekly or daily features newsletters built entirely from Premium Page content.

Premium Page content can be used to create, upgrade or expand print special sections. Use this content to improve the quality of the stories you publish and combine an e-edition, special section print display ads or your local special section content with our online features to give new life to special sections.

And all Premium Page content can  be used to beef up and diversity your social media posts.