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New world of possibilities unlocked at AgriNews

Print redesign also addressed "impossible" deadline schedule

Our team now is inspired and energized after a whole new world of possibilities has been unlocked.
– James Henry, executive editor, AgriNews Publications, about their redesign

Even the best intentions are limited by your knowledge and ability to see beyond what already exists. After all, you only know what you know.

That is why it was so illuminating to work with Bill Ostendorf and Creative Circle Media Solutions and redesign not only the appearance of our publications, but the way we work, as well.

It admittedly was a sometimes painful process to really examine our business from another lens, but the unflinching look at who we are and who we want to be – and can be – has had a long-term impact. There now is an intended purpose behind everything we do, from the topics we cover, the questions we ask and the photographs we take to the story forms we use to write and the way we package content on each page.

Lynn Rognsvoog took the time to learn about us and provide tailored, rather than cookie-cutter, solutions for us to succeed. She held our hand, but also challenged us when needed.

Our team now is inspired and energized after a whole new world of possibilities has been unlocked.

Creative Circle redesigned Agri-News but also helped the team rethink deadlines and workflows to spread out that work and make doable what they once said was impossible – a reasonable work-life balance for the staff always under difficult deadline pressure. By rethinking press schedules, we were able to spread out production and design work and provide a more livable weekly schedule for the team. That opened up time for them to focus on content and design and to do more planning and thoughtful headline writing. The result was dramatic in both the look of the paper and the quality of the content.

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