Our intern-programmer stars in local commercial

Maegan a star for government employment program


We hired Maegan Barney last summer as a programming intern. She was mature, smart, eager to learn and made a great impression. We found her through an innovative, state-supported web site, www.bridge.jobs, encouraging local companies to hire interns from area colleges.

When the agency that built the internship site heard Maegan's story, they asked her to star in one of their new commercials being shot to promote the site.

We're big supporters of teaching and giving back and internships. We can offer interns great experience in design, programming, journalism, marketing, videography and entrepreneurism. Our interns often teach us a few things, too. And now we're also big fans of Rhode Island's internship web site. (We had 32 local applicants through that site last year for our two intern openings, a big jump over previous years.)

So we agreed to help them with the commercial. While it was a little disruptive having their film crew in our office making everyone put on makeup and rearranging everything on our desks and walls, it's been great to hear all Maegan's stories about how people she hasn't heard from in years are texting and calling her to say they just saw her on television. But that's what happens when you are a star!

Fun stuff.

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