Ready to upgrade your pay wall?

paywallQ now available for any web site!

The media industry's first and best and most flexible pay wall


Back in 2006, when we were the first media CMS vendor to offer a fully integrated pay wall, everyone thought we were crazy. Many laughed at us. Literally.

Not anymore.

We knew back then that the ad-only model of digital monetization would not be enough. Subscribers would have to pay for content.

The math was pretty obvious to us, even back then. So we plowed ahead and we've been developing and refining our pay wall ever since. Until recently, you had to buy our CMS to get the industry's best and most flexible pay wall.

Not anymore.

paywallQ is now available to anyone. It works with any CMS, including WordPress and most legacy CMS platforms.

And because we've been at this pay wall business years longer than anyone else, our platform is a few steps ahead of the pack.

paywallQ does a lot of things you've been wishing for in a pay wall. It can handle memberships and sale of individual items, too.

Here are a few examples:

> Create different types of subscriptions based on content types (video, blogs, stories), categories (sports, local news, food) or platforms (e-edition, web site, mobile).

> Sell memberships with different levels of access or benefits.

> Seemlessly integrate with your legacy circulation system because paywallQ was the first print-centric, web pay wall.

> Sell products, like clothing, books or special sections using our flexible shopping cart.

> Take complete control over the offers, pricing, branding, e-mail messages and even the wording of buttons at every turn.

> Explore hard or metered or registration pay walls. Change pay wall strategies quickly and easily.

> Stay secure and PCI compliant. We can collect funds or run them through your credit card processor.

> Get a quick ROI with our low setup fees and your choice of fixed or revenue share options for ongoing costs.

A business or association could use PaywallQ to create customer only or membership only areas of your web site. And, because we're custom software developers, we can tie paywallQ into your membership, circulation, customer or affiliate database.

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