Terese Mihalcin


Terese is a developer who works primarily on building and modifying individual web sites for our clients. Like everyone at Creative Circle, she also works in our support queue so you will get an occasional email that she has fixed or changed something on your site.

A Latrobe Pennsylvania native, Terese graduated from Seton Hill University in 2022 with a major in computer science and a minor in cyber operations. She has a true passion for technology with a particular interest in web development. She won the Computer Science Senior Award from her department for excellence in and out of the classroom. Luckily for us, she recently found herself in Rhode Island after moving here with her partner, who moved to New England for a job. She joined our team in August of 2022.

While in college, Terese worked for the university's IT support desk, so she's experienced at helping users with a wide range of issues. She also worked at a cable company, creating customized electrical cables and connections.

Terese also has a love for sports, and spent much of her life playing volleyball. The last leg of her athletic career was a four-year run on the volleyball team at Seton Hill, but she still plays casually from time to time. Additionally, she also loves outdoor sports such as biking and skiing, which New England offers in abundance.