Lifestyles magazine, Passaic, N.J.

Upscale lifestyle magazine needed a name change and a sophistication upgrade

The desire to switch colors in this redesign resulted in an innovative efficiency improvement


You can't just say you are classy and sophisticated. You have to look that way, too!

In redesigning all the niche magazines owned by North Jersey Media Group,we had to bring more of a magazine approach to teams that too often thought more like newspaper designers.

This magazine also had a serious branding problem: The Lifetime TV network was challenging their right to use this name and we had to come up with a new name that was close but clearly different from the original or the network.

While we normally keep colors the same in logos or branding, the staff insisted on being able the change the color of the name of the magazine based on the photo. We developed 10 different color palettes for the magazine and to save time in production, we build 10 templates – each based on a different color. That way, once they chose a cover, they then open that template and every color on every page was aligned with that color.

We also helped them with all their other branding and promotional material.