There is much more to come!

Welcome to our new site!


Hi folks! We've been so busy launching sites for everyone else that our new site has been on the back burner forever. What you see here today is a new site that we hope will become a great place to come an learn more about our industry as well as Creative Circle.

Soon we will be launching a series of blogs by our consultants who just happen to be some of the top coaches and leaders in the industry.

And we'll feature all the neat functionality of our platforms. You'll see all the different story forms available in our content-oriented CMS – from pro/con templates to stories told via a map to packages of stories tying together related elements in unique ways. We'll tie in PressReleaseQ and QuickAds and samples of adQ, paywallQ, communityQ and marketplaceQ.

What you see today is just the beginning, the minimum we needed to replace our old site and get this ball rolling. Keep an eye on this space for lots of upgrades and enhancements in the coming weeks and months as we develop another great resource for people who love newspapers.

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