Why hire us?


We listen.
We take the time to get to know you and cater everything to your needs. We'll give you lots of options to make sure you remain in control.

We believe in teamwork.
All of our projects involve several of our team members who bring different experiences and training to bear to help make sure you get a range of ideas and not just one person's solution. We also make you part of our team as well, drawing out your experiences and ideas and adding them to ours.

Our software is truly different.
We launched our software arm when we realized how inflexible, complex and difficult to use web software was. We knew media companies would never thrive online with bad software. So we set out to create software that was flexible, easy to use and modern. We put you in control of your own platforms. We provide unlimted training (even though you won't need it) and free upgrades. Easy, dynamic software democratizes everything you do because anyone can do anything you need them to do on our platforms. It saves money. It makes more money.

We are coaches and trainers.
We help our clients at every turn in every project, sharing our ideas, research, insights and experience. We are always in training mode, consulting mode and coaching mode so we'll find ways to help you learn stuff during any project you do with us.

We get content.
We are content and reader driven. Most of our team members have editorial backgrounds. We recognize good content and know how to engage readers at a higher and deeper level.

We are experienced.
Every member of our team has been involved in dozens and often hundreds of projects for a wide range of companies. All have worked in newspapers and have real life experience in the kinds of problems you face. And we can draw on an extended team of more than 40 experts – many of whom are working professionals – to tackle a wide range of problems.

We are committed to contain costs.
We understand the need for predictable costs for any project. That's why all our bids include all our expenses and time. That means no cost overruns. Ever. What we quote is what you will pay.

We have fun.
We love what we do and we'll do our best to make it fun for you, too!