Flexible contract or part-time developer opportunity

Looking for journalist-programmers to help local media outlets thrive online


If you have web programming or development skills and have experience as a journalist or have worked for media companies, we'd love to talk with you about our opportunities.

Creative Circle is dedicated to helping locally-owned media outlets of all kinds thrive online and in print. We're all about strong content and design and finding better ways to engage readers and advertisers.

We know user-contributed content, automation, aggrigation and smart use of public databases and tools are all important parts of helping make strong local journalism viable.

Our platforms involve a LAMP stack, PHP, Adobe and Ruby on Rails components. You'll be joining a dedicated, high-quality team. Creative Circle is a leading design, consulting and software provider for newspaper and other media companies. We have a diverse range of needs and flexible options for a niche player working occasionally on specific tasks or working a regular, part-time schedule. 

Our consulting firm, which has a long history of success helping print media, including the redesign of nearly 700 print publications, has long operated through a strong network of contract experts to bring the best ideas in the industry to our clients.

We're flexible, but these are our most pressing needs:

-- Full-stack development of our powerful, flexible and custom web CMS. New ideas for a media-specific CMS tools and features.

-- UX production expertise for desktop and mobile, using modern layout tools and techniques. New ways of showcasing newspaper content.

-- Ability to create integrations for Adobe InDesign and related products. InDesign workflow automation and InDesign app development.

-- Integrations with public databases and tools to analyze public data.

-- New ideas for social media, SEO, subscriptions, legal notices, obituaries, classifieds or other media specific needs. 

-- Creating solutions for online graphics, integrating share-ware and open-source solutions to our platforms.

-- Ruby on Rails programming expertise and ideas for improving print workflows using our print production CMS.

We're based in East Providence, R.I., so you get bonus points for being nearby so we can connect in person. Contract workers can be anywhere in the U.S. but we are looking for long-term relationships with individual developers, not outsourced development firms. Reach out to us at  jobs@creativecirclemedial.com. (We are not interested in programming farms or firms or overseas developers so please don’t waste your time or ours by responding.)

We look forward to meeting you!