We're growing and have lots of full and part-time opportunities!

From bookkeeper to designer; from full time to contract or flex time openings; we need your help


As we continue to grow at a rapid place, we have a lot of opportunities for people who want to have a positive impact on communities across the country.

Many can be contract, full-time in office or part-time roles. We offer flexible work schedules, good pay and stock options.

Our openings include developers, sales reps, a bookkeeper, customer service reps, ad ops management, webmaster and designer.

We'd like to find a national sales rep who can pitch top national firms like Ford Motor Company, CVS, FTD Flowers, PETCO and others about sponsoring some of our apps, features pages and other initiatives.

In our East Providence office, we're looking for a part-time bookkeeper and customer service reps to help with simple customer support and administrative issues. Both positions offer good pay and very flexible work hours.

We're also looking for a part-time news and web editor to manage our Premium Pages content and serve as webmaster to some of our client sites.

We're looking for a contract designer to help us with web and print design and print production projects.

We're also looking for an experienced ad services manager to help run and support hundreds of Google and Revive web ad servers we manage for local newspapers. This could be a full or part-time position in our East Providence office or a remote contract position. Knowledge of programmatic advertising, targeted e-blasts, geo-targeted advertising and other agency-level ad sales options would also be beneficial.  

We have great openings for beginner or intern software developers as well as experienced developers in our East Providence office. We can also accommodate remote experienced developers on a contract or full or part-time basis living anywhere in the U.S.

Note that we don't accept or work with overseas developers and we want to work with individuals, not development firms.

Apply with resume and cover letter to jobs@creativecirclemedia.com.